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1968 Olympic Black Power Salute. 

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they got their medals taken away because of thisand they dont give a shitand lets not forget the aussie in the greenhe had a pin on him in favor of equal rightslike everyone up there stood for peaceths shit is iconic

Our struggle.

The Olympics is supposed to be a wonderful thing, but two Black athletes had their fairly won medals taken away from them because they used their podium moment to peacefully protest the segregation and genocide of their people in the nation they were representing.
Think on that.

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Small correction. They weren’t stripped of their medals for this. The IOC president at the time said that it was wrong that they did it, and demanded that the US team suspend them, but the US team refused until the IOC president threatened to suspend the entire US team from the games. They both served a two game suspension for this salute. Irony though: the IOC president who found the black power salute so offensive was also president when the games were held in Nazi Germany and he had no opposition to the nazi salute. The human rights pins that all three of these dudes are wearing were from a campaign to promote human rights through the Olympics, with one of it’s stated goals being to remove the IOC president from his position as he was a well known nazi sympathizer.


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